Smokeless Fuels

Local Authorities are responsible for designation and supervision of Smoke Control Areas. Smoke control areas have been introduced in many large towns and cities in the UK (including virtually all of London) and in large parts of the Midlands, North West, South Yorkshire, North East of England, Central and Southern Scotland.

Please contact your local authority if you need to clarify which fuel type may be used on your fire.

Discounts available on orders of five 50Kg bags and over. Please call before collecting.

Anthracite Stove Nuts Anthracite (Stove Nuts), produced in the Neath Valley, South Wales.

Mainly used for Aga/Rayburn cookers also solid fuel stoves.

20Kg bags @ £15.00 (Collection Only)

50Kg bags @ £35.00

Net Calorific Value 32060 KJ/tonne

Fuel ID: MSF 0001

Burnwell Blend Plus+ Ovals Burnwell Blend Plus+ (Ovals)
Smokeless fuel for open fires, can also be used on solid fuel stoves.

20Kg bags @ £13.00 (Collection Only)

50Kg bags @ £32.00

Net Calorific Value 32300 KJ/tonne

Fuel ID: MSF 0195

Newburn Briquettes Smokeless Fuel Newburn Briquettes (Ovals)
Mainly used for solid fuel stoves; Aga/Rayburn cookers.

50Kg bags @ £34.00

Net Calorific Value 31160 KJ/tonne

Fuel ID: MSF 0149

Anthracite Grains Anthracite Grains, suitable for Trianco solid fuel boilers

50Kg bags @ £22.50

Fuel ID: MSF 0001

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